The item of value that I prepare on a monthly basis, that is most requested by friends, family, and past clients is my TMO or Total Market Overview.  This is a one-page report that shows what's going on in the real estate market in price brackets of $25,000.

I have below the August TMOs for Greater St. George and the Hurricane Valley.

Here are my top 5 summary points for each area.

Greater St. George Summary:

1.  Only 737 homes on the market

2.  320 homes are selling each month

3.  Only 42 homes are on the market in the "sweet spot" of $275k-$300k; 41 are pending in that price range

4.  Sellers are getting 97% of their original list price

5.  Avg. Days on Market for sold homes is 45 days!


Hurricane Valley Summary:

1.  120 homes available for sale on the market

2.  Only 2 months of inventory

3.  Avg. sold price is $301,369

4.  Avg. price / sq ft for solds is $153.40

5.  Only 21 properties for sale under $275k and 16 of those are $225k-$275k


Greater St. George

Hurricane Valley

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